Insect Museum, TNAU

31.8 KM

This is the first Insect museum in India. Insects collected since the early 1900s are housed here. The museum was commissioned in the year 2013 and was completed by 2017. The museum showcases a rich diversity of insects from all over the country as never seen before. The museum speaks realms about the magical world of insects. It answers why, where , when and how about insects.

The museum is aimed to create interest and arouse the scientific curiosity about the natural world in students, the future torch bearers of science. It also will serve as a reference point on insect identification for researchers and all-know-about insect knowledge hub for the general public while farmers also will be benefited on crop pests, their damage symptoms and natural enemies. The museum is endowed with insects in different art forms such as wood carvings, embroideries etc. The museum is unique of its own kind displaying insects in a thematic style along with facts making it more educative and user friendly. Visuals and text in the touch screens will reveal fascinating stories about insects. Live butterflies in a natural setting, termite mounds, bees of different kind and variety, and insect eating plants are also present. An amusing section present, on knowing your personality through insects will make you grin wider by the end of the visit! Prized collectibles are also available from the Museum shop. The doors of the museum are open to one and all with ramp facilities.